Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Cookies for my lover...

and the children. Love is in the air and so are the hearts searching for that elusive perfect gift. I have never been a good gift giver. I spend ages thinking, planning, shopping and end up with something that is never appropriate. S is quite used to all this and it is our 8th Valentine Day's together. This year, I thought would be no exception until I chanced upon Zorra's event. What a wonderful idea, an edible heart. My first instincts were to make a lamb briyani and shape into hearts. Now that should give an insight into my gifting abilities. And then as luck would have it, I chanced upon Sunita's cookies. It had to be cookies then for the lover and the children (they are in the middle of a mid term holiday). I had never made cookies at home and so they are a real treat. Thanks Sunita for the recipe and thanks Zorra for hosting the event.
The recipe is essentially the same as Sunita's. The only change I made to the recipe is to substitute the porridge with powdered cashew nuts.
The batter was less watery and the cookies didn't spread that much. The cookies were well received even though S is on diet.

Ah the joys of food blogging, a decent gift at last.


zorra said...

I have the same problems to find good gifts, so thank you for this idea.

Happy Valentine!

sunita said...

Devi,I'm glad you enjoyed the cookies, they look pretty...and yes, home made is always the best :-)