Sunday, 16 September 2007

Sunday Cricket

When S said “shall we got for 20-20 cricket match on Sunday as I have free tickets, thanks to my friend N”, I simply couldn't say no. Not that I like cricket, as a matter of fact I try and avoid it when I can. Denying S and the kids the opportunity to watch India in action would be sacrilegious. Imagine how I felt when I eventually found out that India was not playing in Edgbaston this Sunday. S was a bit surprised that I thought India was going to play in Edgbaston. He informed me that they are in South Africa and are playing some sort of world cup. How on earth am I supposed to know that? Anyway we decided to give it a go, not before we sat down for a Sunday lunch (recipes to follow). The match was due to start at 12.45 and we managed to reach the stadium at 2.30 after parking the car at not-to-be-parked place.
I expected to be bored and was honestly dreading the afternoon. I tried to reduce my apprehensions by concentrating on the fact that I could get into a summer dress that was brought a year ago. Not bad yeah, it fit me last year and it fits me this year. Pat on my back and way to go.
My apprehensions were unwarranted as I warmed to the cricket match. We saw the last 10 overs of Worchester Royals batting and the first 10 overs of Warwickshire batting. When we left Warwickshire was 100 for 2 cruising towards victory. I saw all the action, a stump out, couple of clean bowleds, few lbws, a clean-bowled-but-no-ball (personally I like that the best), 2 great catches, lots of 4s and a 6. At the end, it was a good time out with the family. I am tempted to do that again next summer. Next time around I will remember to wear my jeans as I was the only one in a dress in the whole stadium.

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